Vehicle Brake Light Flasher Module with brake force monitor


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The new generation of active flashers uses 3-axis accelerometer to measure vehicle braking force. Not only it could flash the light when brakes are first applied but it continues to monitor your vehicle braking force and flashes again once it detects medium or hard braking. It solves the problem when you apply very light brakes just in anticipation, like approaching intersection or driving downhill. Your brake light will come on as soon as you apply light pressure on the brake pedal and you might cruse like this for some time. Then the situation changes and you apply great deal of pressure on the brake pedal to stop. You vehicle is now really slowing down but the driver behind you sees no changes in your brake light since it continues to be solid on. He or she has no indication that you are really slowing down!!!  It will take some time for the driver behind you to realize the distance changes between vehicles to activate his brakes. That time is what separates you from the rear-end collision. 

Devices like this are normally very expensive (100$ - 200$), but advances in microelectronics allowed us to design and build very affordable unit. It is very easy to install and configure. From the factory it comes with preset flashing patterns: blinking light six times slow upon initial braking engagement six times fast during medium braking and sixteen times fast during hard braking. All those parameters can be adjusted by user as well and medium and hard braking trigger levels.

Install Stop Alert flasher today and protect yourself from read-end accident tomorrow.



  • Vehicle Brake Light Flasher Module with Brake Force Trigger.
  • Multi mode adjustable flashing pasterns.
    •      Multiple flashing affects.
    •      One to twenty flashing cycles.
    •      Thirty different flashing rates from fast to slow.
  • Independent configuration for medium and hard braking flashing pattern.
  • Continues flashing mode with 4, 8, 12 and 16 second pause.
  • Works on both LED and INCANDESCENT brake lights. 
  • Rated upto 100 watt (8 amp).
  • Microcontroller and 3-axis accelerometer based for accuracy and reliability.
  • Very small form and waterproof to fit any application. (25x16x4mm LxWxH)
  • 5 min installation (3 wires).
  • Stop Alert comes with preconfigured configuration of 6 medium flashes during initial braking, 6 fast flashes during medium braking and 16 very fast flashes during hard braking.
  • Out of the box Stop Alert is ready to be installed with no additional configuration needed. 
  • Made in USA.



Brake light flasher models comparsion

  S1 Model M1 Model G1 Model
Number of flashing modes 2 Yes ( many ) Yes ( many )
User configurable flashing modes No Yes Yes
RealTime g-force monitoring No No Yes
Different flashing configuratin based on g-force levels No No Yes
Maximum current 8amp 8amp 8amp
Incandescent and LED bulb support Yes Yes Yes
Continues flashing mode No Yes Yes
Water resistant Yes Yes Yes
LifeTime Warranty Yes Yes Yes
Working voltage 6v-14v 6v-14v 6v-14v
Price 14.95 19.95 29.95

Stop Alert installation :


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