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This kit adds secure access control to your application. Only authorized personnel will be able to access the facility, start or stop electric equipment and turn on equipment for a set period of time.

iButton Interface Module provides an efficient, user-friendly solution for authorized access and key management challenges. The compact iButton based system is self-contained, requires no software and allows users to quickly setup, modify, add and delete access privileges with touch of a button. A user need only touch the electronic key to the reader to authenticate the key and receive access. iButton Interface Module (IIM) can either control lock solenoid or be connected to another electronic module to facilitate more advance functions.


IIM can function in three different modes:

1-   Timeout mode.

2-   Timeout Enhanced Mode.

3-   On-Off mode.


IIM can manage up to 20 keys and provide up to 10amp of output current making it suitable for various applications like:

 • Door lock control

• Construction equipment, off-highway vehicles, farm equipment

• Electronic enclosures

• Gaming


• Industrial machinery

• Marine

• Secure storage

• Vending Machines

• Secure On Off switch

iButton Interface Module consist of :

iButton Key – 64 bit unique code user ID.

Controller – validates user key against stored IDs.

iButton Receiver – vandal proof iButton receiver.

Buzzer – provides key access and configuration feedback.

Buttons 1 and 2 – optional buttons to manage mode and timeout setting.

Download Manual Here.


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