Universal Brake Light Flasher/Strober - M1 model


I ordered the unit on the 19th April and it arrived here in the UK well packaged with instructions and connectors on the 3rd May after weekend breaks and two national holiday days so that was not bad at all.
Fitment was easy after 1st reading the instructions then double checking the bikes brake light wiring. Being so small the flasher was easily concealed on the bike but I chose to extend the white 'flash adjust' wires so the flash setting can be changed with ease should the need arise. I may solder on a small micro n/o switch to finish the installation off. Having said that, shorting out the leads as supplied is no big deal.

Just been out on the bike with the unit set to give approx 3 or 4 quite rapid flashes and 15 seconds between activations it appears to clearly give the warning I want without repeating the flashes unnecessarily.

1st class !!
Date Added: 05/06/2011 by Steve Willis