Vehicle Brake Light Flasher Module with brake force monitor


I first bought the Universal Brake Light Flasher/Strober - 1000+ modes
which worked great, but then decided to upgrade to this one.

I will say the first one arrived DEAD, but it was replaced straight away no questions asked. Fantastic Customers service considering I am in the UK.

I have had this fitted now for about a month and it has worked brilliantly. Configuring was easy and I was up and running in about 30mins, that included fitting it in my car. I only changed a few things in the settings to suit my needs. Otherwise it's all default.

I love the two stage G-Force Monitor. One setting for Medium braking and one setting for hard braking....Even activates while your braking if you have to suddenly brake harder without first releasing the brake pedal. Brilliant.

This little device is such a good idea. I have even noticed cars behind me take more notice when I brake.

I thoroughly recommend this to anyone, especially for such a small price. There may be cheaper ones out there on the web, but nothing this compact. I manage to fit it behind my center brake light inside the plastic cover.

If your thinking about getting one don't hesitate buy one.
Date Added: 04/07/2015 by Brett Appleton