Vehicle Brake Light Flasher Module with brake force monitor


Our family has four of these, one on every car. 2000 Nissan and Subaru, 2014 Toyota, 2018 Subaru. It works on all and it's so small you can find a home in any installation. This is a quality product from a quality company. No frills, just value and performance. I'd seen the flashing third brake light on the new Volkswagens and realized what a great concept it was. Honestly, I thought to myself that someone should manufacture a simple, tiny, and affordable device that could be added aftermarket. These guys had done it already and better than I ever would have. Great job. (The English on the site and direction is a little quirky - don't let that dissuade you. These guys are great. They stand behind the product and know what they're doing.)
Date Added: 09/12/2017 by Shannon O'Neal