Multi-Functional 5V-20V Time Delay Relay (Timer) 5 amp


I bought this timer to control the lights I preinstalled in the back of my moving van. I had two requirements: 1) The lights need to be shut off after a time period to avoid the lights from being left on and draining the battery (the lights were controlled with a switch on the dash using a constant power source, and 2) I need to be able to control the lights from the dash and also from the cargo area.

This little timer does exactly what I need - it can shut off the lights and it cam also use multiple momentary buttons to control the lights.

Timer function and trigger type configuration was easy. I set up the circuit on a bench using a breadboard with a relay, a test button and a single LED. Setting the time function was just a matter of energizing the circuit for as long as I needed (about 2 hours) then de-energizing.

The circuit diagram provided in the manual was easy to understand. As a matter of fact, the manual is very well written and has great timing diagrams and circuit diagrams.

I would not hesitate to buy any product from this company. The timer is smart, small, easy to install, and seems well built. If it is reliable and doesn't break, I will be a VERY satisfied customer.
Date Added: 06/01/2016 by Collin Schafer