DIY LED controller / chaser. Unlimited light effects.

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The kit comes with the control pad and linear LED board so you can start playing with it right out of the box. Control pad is used for changing effect files and adjusting display rate. Once you set the rate of flashing it will be saved into internal memory and unless you need to change it you do not need the control board. Alternatively you can solder buttons directly to the cable.
LED chaser has 16 individual channels and each channel can be individually controlled. Each channel produces 4096 brightness levels so you can control LED lights from from very dim to the max brightness.
Creating new effects is very simple, you just update text file on your computer specifying the brightness for each LED and time to display. The file then saved on the SD card and inserted into the LED controller board.
LED Chaser highlights:
This is 16 channel Light Chaser Kit. Create any light effects possible and light up your project as never before.
Connect standard LED or pixel RGB type WS2812b
You will need to assemble control pad by soldering provided buttons ,socket and battery terminal and soldering SMT LED and sockets to the LED linear board. The soldering requires minimum knowledge and skills. Watch our video on how to solder round board. Main board comes assembled and tested.
Kit consist of:
  • Main LED Chaser board.
  • Round 32 LED board.
  • Control pad.
  • Linear 16 led board.
  • All the parts necessary for control pad and led board.
  • Connectors for power and led cables.
  • Necessary cables.
  • 5mm white LEDs x 32 for round board.
  • SMD LED for linear board.
  • 2GB sd card with sample effect files.
LED Chaser highlights:
  • Sophisticated micro-controller board specifically designed for LED control.
  • 16 independent channels.
  • 4096 brightness levels
  • 20ma to 100ma output. Upto 20 LEDs per channel
  • Any type of LED can be used.
  • Supply voltage : 7v to 15v
  • Unlimited light effects. User can create any light effects controlling all 16 channel independently.
  • Multiple effects can be stored on the provided memory card and switched between.
  • Boards can be chained to create 32, 48 and etc channel LED Chaser.
  • Upgradable board firmware for future enhancements.

LED Controller manual and related files can be downloaded here: LED CONTROLLER



Do you have question or have custom application?

We can create custom firmware and show you how the LED Controller can be used in your project.








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